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Last changed on Monday, June 04, 2007

Note 1. The self-extracting archive mouse.exe contains a Z80 CPU emulator, a Mouse interpreter, sample Mouse programs and other utilities. Download it and then "run" it. It will create a directory named mouse on your C: drive, put its contents into this directory and then run this tutorial. If you prefer, download mouse.zip and manually extract its contents into c:\mouse (which you will have to create).
Note 2. David G. Simpson has written an article on Mouse at Wikipedia and posted source and executable code for three Mouse interpreters on his web site for Mouse. The interpreters may be run from a DOS window.

Mouse is a tiny stacked-based language created by Peter Grogono in 1979. His book, "MOUSE: A LANGUAGE FOR microcomputers" (PETROCELLI BOOKS, INC.) is the definitive reference on this language.

This tutorial should give you enough information so you can write and run programs in this very interesting language.

Fire up your favorite editor and type the following:

"Hello, World"
'! !'

Save this file in c:\mouse (created when you "installed" Mouse (Note 1 above)) as hello.mse.

Run the Z80 CPU emulator by bringing up a DOS window, navigating to the mouse directory on your C: drive and typing

You should see the following.
                      MicroFast Z80 Emulation Engine code,
                                  MYZ80 API,
            and The MYZ80 Emulator Package Versions 1.xx are each:
                           Copyright 1991,1992,1993
                                 Simeon Cran.

           MYZ80      The Z80 CPU Emulator.       
            MYZ80         Version 1.11.               Unique serial number
             MYZ80                                   for this copy: 0DEMO01
              MYZ80  Copyright(C)1993 Simeon Cran.

 [Registration delay! Please wait at least two seconds then press any key.]
You will need to wait a few seconds for a "registration delay" and then you will need to hit your Enter key a few times to get to an A0> prompt.

At the A0> prompt, type

import hello.mse

Run the Mouse interpreter by typing at the A0> prompt


and then tell the interpreter your program's name by typing

A0>import hello.mse
++ IMPORT vers 1.12 by Simeon Cran. ++
HELLO.MSE                    ------        OK

MOUSE, Peter Grogono, 1983; Lee Bradley, 2007
Enter Mouse program's name : hello.mse
Hello, World!
Congratulations! You have just written and run the classic "Hello, World!" program in Mouse!

To quit the emulator, type

at the A0> prompt.