Charles Bradley's Fine Art <meta name="description" content="A complete collection of Charles Bradley's original Abstract and Geometric Gouache Paintings and Silkscreen Prints with Spiritual and Astronomical Themes from 1973 to 2017">
We Are

I remember a long time ago hearing about a book titled "We Are Not Alone." Although I did not read the book, the title was a bit of an influence for my own title. When we look out at our land in the sky we see many stars, too. Many light years separate us from our neighbors. Yet, rather than draw attention to the idea of our relation to other possible forms of intelligence, I find it just as affirming to note our uniqueness among the other "lands" of the Universe. I have tried to overstate our existance graphically in order to further point to the fact that we simply "Are" even though we may appear small and insignificant against the eternal ocean of stars. It goes without saying that we can "Be" many different things in addition to our not being alone. In my painting, I wanted to also represent life. Possibly, if you look closely, you can see just where that is shown.