Charles Bradley's Fine Art <meta name="description" content="A complete collection of Charles Bradley's original Abstract and Geometric Gouache Paintings and Silkscreen Prints with Spiritual and Astronomical Themes from 1973 to 2017">
Warm Distant Desert

I have always been curious about deserts -- their vastness, the zillions of grains of sand, the small size of each grain, their snowflake-like similarity and the whole thought that such insignificant particles can all be found in one place to form such a beautiful scene. There are dunes and warmth and wavy ripples on the desert. There is an element of danger in journeys we might envision taking way out into this ocean of sand. This painting is simply a picture of an imaginary desert. It could be found anywhere. It could be very far away from here. But it is not a cold and dark place. It is a welcome place -- a warm place under the stars.