Charles Bradley's Fine Art <meta name="description" content="A complete collection of Charles Bradley's original Abstract and Geometric Gouache Paintings and Silkscreen Prints with Spiritual and Astronomical Themes from 1973 to 2017">

Many times in life we wander. At times our wandering may lead us unconsciously into the darkness of a night we fear most. It is in the pit of despair that we sometimes find ourselves if we have wandered too far down paths we know all too well -- or those we have just painfully discovered for the first time. We ask why we have wandered and we search for a way to rediscover a path which will lead us up and out into the freedom we can only "wonder" about. It is not wrong to have wandered. It is simply what some of us have done. Yet, the paradox in our wanderings off the spiritual path of living with others lies in the fact that we are always looking for comfort and closeness. But such longing for what we want is lost in the night we create -- as we wander. The light in this dark story can still be found though. For we all have a choice. We can look to a power greater than that of our own making. It may be in God. It may be in the compassion and trust of one's husband or wife. It may be in one's garden. It may be found in one's church community or in a community of supportive friends with a common spiritual purpose. Wandering for some can be a complicated experience. Our fears may run deep to a point where the night may seem a safer place if only we did not have to have these thoughts about ourselves. But it is in the darkest moments of our wanderings that we may also see the end of our journey -- that it has been one of great wandering -- and only this. And in the same instant, we may see and feel the voice that always accompanies us waiting patiently for us to stop to hear it. And it will say: "I am here with you. We can leave now. Let's choose a different path tonight."