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Untitled First Mandala

This is my first mandala. It was a bit of an experiment and DID involve replication of a drawing segment of 45 degrees. The original drawing had a radial length (from center to perimeter) of 5 inches. After scanning the drawing I used Photoshop to copy the image 7 more times (rotating it 45 degrees as needed to create the needed 10 inch diameter symmetry. The segment took about an hour to draw and I used a finer 005 (not 05) Micron permanant ink pen. I created it as I went along. I enjoy making them. It is true they are somewhat relaxing to make since one must be thinking of the center at all times -- trying to establish some kind of "outward" symmetry and balance all at the same time. Needless to say, there is a fair amount of concentration involved while creating them! I'm thinking of not using colored pencils in this first mandala. Instead, I will leave it simply as it is. In my next mandala, I will experiment with colored ink dies since they will be vibrant yet transparent enough to show the fine detail of the black lines in its structural design. I call his "Mandala One." [Roman numeral I]. I may use black india ink as a final "color" surrounding (and within certain sections) of the mandala. It may continue to be interesting to use white gouache for pin points of star-light surounding (and within) the mandala. I hope you enjoy my design.