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Star Butterfly

Today I worked on a new mandala. I call it "Star Butterfly." Its tip-to-tip diameter is 12 inches. It took about 8 hours to draw. As with most of these "mandala-like" creations, I am never conscious of how they will look on completion -- which is the really fun part. I call these 'mandala-like' since, as you will note, the center symmetry usually shifts (due to some impatience?) to a somewhat random inner (and outer) detail. One other point about this piece is that the image only shows the star-butterfly itself. In reality, I chose to have a lot of illustration board white space surrounding the piece -- 15 inches by 15 inches is the final image area. I think it would look best with a thin black metal frame (not glossy) -- with no mat. It is signed and dated. Eventually I will place this and other mandalas on my brother Lee's server with prices. This piece was done with 4 different pens. Three were Micron pens of different tip size. One was a Sharpie fine point. All ink is permanent black. White gouache was used to conceal some errors. As with most mandalas, I used a compass and a 360 degree protractor to develop (in this case) 12 radial lines traveling through the center and 8 circles each of which had the following progressively larger radii: 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 2 inches, 4 inches and finally 8 inches. The 8 inch circle was drawn using something called a beam compass -- which I just happen to have. All light pencil lines and circles were erased in the end.