Charles Bradley's Fine Art <meta name="description" content="A complete collection of Charles Bradley's original Abstract and Geometric Gouache Paintings and Silkscreen Prints with Spiritual and Astronomical Themes from 1973 to 2017">
So Close Yet So Far

Like other paintings, this is a symbolic one. The title, "So Close Yet So Far," literally represents that experience we have in life as we see where it is we wish to go before we are fully willing or able to do what must be done to actually "get" there. If one carefully looks at this scene, one can see that the parallel, colored bands go both OVER and UNDER the existing objects. This is also true of the more fluid shapes themselves. This interwoven aspect could also be seen as an "entangling" one -- one that limits us from getting beyond the emotions and / or circumstances that "limit" our ability to fully envision things. Sometimes I tend to be too negative in the titling of my paintings. I forget that it is in the ACCEPTANCE of these truths that enables us to fully appreciate where it is we are as we envision our dreams.