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This design was something which "came to me" as a result of viewing various works by the famous artist, Vasarely. I was particularly interested in an "optical" effect he achieved in many of his works. The specific effect I was wanting to achieve actually did NOT take place. I say this because it is clear there is not a "lens-like" effect in my painting. I was however quite pleased -- somewhat by accident -- by the two-dimensional "layering" effect achieved by the systematic addition of white (from the outside inward) to the diamond-shaping bands. The calming (spiritual) feeling arising from design was evident on completion of the central white "point." The relationship between the background and foreground was also addressed in this painting. I was attempting to create an inversion of both as one's eye travels from the perimeter to the center. Another example of this experiment (with the background becoming the foreground) can be seen in Transitions To Freedom. Vasarely's works sometimes looked as if one had placed a very large convex lens over his canvases. Circles appeared as spheres and "stairs" would appear as three-dimensional, curved blocks His designs were technical masterpieces. Mine, although a much simpler two dimensional one, seems to convey a liberating feeling -- possibly similar to our seeing of "the light" so to speak. It seems to be a fairly focused light -- something that might be conducive to meditation for example.