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Night and Day Study II

Maybe you have asked "Is it really still true that the stars exist way
up high in the blue sky of day?" I wondered about this when I was
young and I still do today. Having some knowledge now of what actually
"happens" to them it is easier to appreciate the truth on a more
technical level. But aside from the fact that dust particles and air
molecules diffract the light of our great sun into the blue part of
the light spectrum -- and that this bright blue light overpowers that
of the weaker starlight, it is still interesting to imagine what the
ENTIRE picture might look like if we were to "break up" day and night
into its various beautiful parts while at the same time keeping the
parts together. What we would see is what truly exists apart from the
effect of dust and air. The sun shines in deep space for our
astronauts. Yet it does not in any way block the beauty of starlight
surrounding them as they do their space walks to install new batteries
in telescopes. All this is true because there are no dust particles or
air molecules in which to "bend" the sunlight into a bright blue
color. "Night and Day Study II" can only be imagined but it is fun to
wonder how it would look through the eyes of a God who built such a
cosmic vault of stars mingling with cumulus clouds on a bright and
windy July afternoon at 2:00 pm.