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Night and Day Study I

This is the first in a series of two paintings depicting the unusual
possibility of combining night with day. The idea seemed interesting
to me and is described in more detail in the description for "Night
and Day Study II." In this painting, I have chosen to "window in" on
one seperate "section" of the night. I wanted also to draw more
attention to the night (than to the day) by including graceful,
abstract shapes each of which seem to "play" with one another while
also appearing to "come out" of the night. The overall message, at
least to me, was to have the night "express" something. And, in this
case, the message is a positive and spiritual one. The interpretations
could be wide ranging. I find the curves interesting. The moon's
natural curve rests in the lower left. The location seemed
appropriate. This particular natural curve is "answered" by an
additional expression of curves. I was unaware of any particular
"reason" to overlap these expressive curves onto "the day," yet it now
makes more sense to have done so, since the theme (of uniting the two)
is "linked" in this abstract way. It is a complex idea, yet thought
provoking none the less.