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Night Dance

When I look way up into the Milky Way on a very cold, crystal clear
winter's night, I am struck by the billions and billions of stars in
dense clouds sprinkled with blue-white and red brighter stars further
showing its great distance, background and size deep in heart of our
own galaxy. "Night Dance" is an expression of the dynamic nature of
our mother galaxy. This is a simple scene -- one of an infinite number
of similar ones. The "dance" of the stars, as symbolized by the
swirling warm and cool symbols high up over the green landscape and
"framed" in the center by two taller spires is, in this case, closer
to home. Although symbolic, it brings to light an appreciation for the
incredibly complex life and death in the universe. There is so much
which goes on "there" and here. My painting is a somewhat static
representation of all that we see on such a cold starry night as we
admire the colors and detail in what also "appears" static in the
Milky Way's clouds of dust, gas, and stars. There is very little
static about either scene, real or imagined. Our feelings of awe may
be the only stillness that exists as we look up into this motionless