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Near Tangent

Normally I would write a short story or a description for "Near
Tangent." Tonight, though I feel like sharing a bit of the detail
behind the painting process itself (for this particular piece).  It
was quite a challenge!  I say this because of a technicality in the
addition of my signature.  You will notice there is none (now).  About
two hours ago, after two trips to the art store to purchase "just" the
right ink and "just" the right pen nib, I returned back to the studio
to add "BRADLEY" to a rather complex but interesting background of
TINTED mountain sections down at the lower right portion of this TINY
2 1/2" x 3 1/2" painting.  You will notice there are about 4 shades of
sap green in this area.  I spent about a half a day on this painting
paying particular attention to a 1 1/4" x 1/4" rectangular box (of
tinted sap green mountains) into which I would enter my name in a
light shade of sap green acrylic ink.  The quill pen did a fine job,
But THEN -- I realized it looked terrible.  "Too Big!" I thought to
myself.  -- Have to get rid of it.  So, after much reworking and even
a fair amount of sanding and restenciling -- and repainting many
involved areas, I returned to what is now the unsigned work.  Instead,
I have chosen not to sign these small works.  There is often so much
detail that any attempt at adding my name seems to draw too much
attention away from the image.  Instead, each tiny painting will be
signed on the back in pencil.  At one point, the reconstruction of the
painting became so involved that even the moon and sky had to be
reworked.  I am happy with it now though.  "Near Tangent" was a near
miss relative to its completion today.