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Lion's Roar

Recently I had fun beginning a rather unusual drawing. About 1/10th of
the way into the process, I began to see what looked like a lion's eyes,
his tiny asterisk-like nose and then an open mouth, also quite small.
When seeing these things, I thought it would be interesting to continue
the design seeing if I could incorporate a "roar" of some kind. My
"roar" seemed like a soft one -- as if it were without sound. Lion roars
can often sound loud or "fierce," but this one seemed kind, like a
randomly directed wind. To expand on this, I thought it would be "nice"
to include some small lady bugs where the lion was directing his "safe"
roar. Lady bugs (in the extreme lower-left) are a sign of good luck I've
been told. The lion's peaceful roar just seemed to complete what looked
like a communication of sorts between the one large and 2-3 tiny
animals. To complete the drawing, I continued to add features to the
lion's mane and eventually to the borders of his jungle world. His
jungle included many elements from nature, both earthbound and
extraterrestrial. I call this drawing "Lion's Roar."