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Dragonfly Wing

My mandala is completed. "Untitled Part 3 of x" has now become "Untitled
Part 4 of 4" where x =4. As promised, I have now chosen a new title! I
call this mandala "Dragonfly Wing." Colored pencils were used after the
technical pen drawing looked finished. I could have gone on to make this
mandala larger and highly detailed, but instead I think the simple
"frame" used makes it look nice. The earlier discussion mentioned two
triangles of different size. It is not immediately obvious but these
triangles are there. The inner and outer portions of the "square" frame
is where PARTS of these triangles are. There are TEN circles in this

1 circle with a 2 inch radius

4 circles with 1 inch radii

4 circles with 2 inch radii

1 circle with a 4 inch radius

These form the basic  geometric  pattern.  There  are some other smaller
circles which share a common center point -- at the center of the