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"Cosmos" is now completed. Before providing some details, I'd like to
mention there are four (4) mandalas and not three, as stated earlier.
The fourth mandala is next to the largest one and has a "window" in it
which exposes (in order of depth toward the universe) 1) the green right
triangle, 2) the yellow scalene triangle, 3) the largest mandala, 4) the
blue right triangle and 5) the universe. A scalene triangle is a
triangle which has three unequal sides. In my previous post for "Cosmos"
I had only partially begun the 4th mandala with its window. It looks
extremely complicated (to draw) in the window area, but this was
actually not the case due to having drawn various concentric circles
around the center point of this mandala. I intentionally designed the
window NOT to coincide with its center point. The resulting "fusion" of
the two largest mandalas helped to integrate the theme of Cosmos. I
wanted to convey a message of "connectedness" of all things in the
universe. The window captures this idea rather nicely. I painted all
non-mandala areas in gouache (opaque watercolor) by hand with a brush.
To be accurate with these color boundaries, I used clear "frisket film"
and cut carefully into the film with a #11 Exacto blade to expose the
illustration board where necessary for each color. The remaining work on
Cosmos took about 8 hours today. I added a fine india ink line (0.35 mm)
around the piece and signed it with the date. I have posted two images.
One is the full piece. The other is a closer view of the mandala detail.
I hope you like my painting. I'm actually quite pleased with how it all
came out.