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Assimilation of Three

"Assimilation of Three" is an abstraction of exactly what its title suggests. In a more specific sense, we can view this as a coming together of forms -- specifically squares and triangles. I have always wanted to investigate what I think of as "core elements" in design itself -- and here we can see some of these parts literally coming together. I was interested (in this particular piece) in designing something around an equilateral triangle. It can be seen in the center. Its color is "brilliant red-violet." From this, I began to develop a series of squares and isosceles triangles.

I was interested in continuing the progression outward while also incorporating a progressively GREATER spacial separation factor. Although NOT logarithmic in scale, the effect is similar to what we see in some natural situations -- as with the distance of the planets as one travels farther away from the sun (where the planets are so much closer together when closest to the sun itself). Additionally, it was interesting to find a "dimensional" aspect in the composite form found in the center of the piece. It began to take on a "one-body" kind of crystalline form -- much like a gem-stone with various "faces." The random location I chose for the gray "tinting planes" was in large part governed by the moon's location since it was important to assign more "weight" toward the lower left of the piece (to balance the weight of the moon it the upper right). Finally, I wanted to maintain a cosmic backdrop in order to achieve a sense of (quite literally) the greater picture -- that being of Nature and the order in the physics that holds it in such beautiful balance. One could also question what three elements are really being represented here. The triad could represent many combinations. Mind, Body, Spirit could be one such triad although, in art, we know that there can be as many as there are people who study art.