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A Safe Place Together

Not that many years ago, I once had a thought about where I would like to go when I died. Heaven for us has many images. Some think of white clouds and blue sky. Others think of white light and "views" from above back down to earth. These views for some are thought to include a rich and wonderful understanding of who we were in our living days. For some reason, the scene I envision is different. And for reasons possibly having more to do with psychology, my scene (in heaven) is in a room or cave on some quiet planet which has a pretty view. It is safe. There is only a table and a chair in the room. It is silly for me to think in terms of how I would feel in this safe place, since in death I am pretty sure we have no feelings. But it is entertaining to imagine having them "out there" too. If it were possible, I believe they would encompass all that one feels in complete solitude. The ability to fully appreciate the view itself would comprise most if not all of that feeling of peace.