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"And God Said ..."

Today I wanted to paint The Beginning of time again. I picked up the Bible and read a few verses of Genesis to see what God did on the first three days. I was once again trying to determine an appropriate title for my painting. God certainly did many things in those first three days. And with each creation, God affirmed that each "was good."

The "event" has always intrigued both me and my brother, Lee. Science, religion and philosophy all have a part in this first split second of time way out where "the darkness was upon the face of the deep." After thinking about what God did, I began to see a cross in my painting. I like to think of it as a "spiritual version" of the Big Bang Theory. "Stellar Balance" and "Genesis" are similar paintings where I sought to capture that moment of "converging" followed by a phenomenal (to say the least) expansion.

Unlike other paintings, "And God Said ..." includes a wide array of colored stars, rather than just white ones. I wanted to include many kinds of stellar worlds. I wonder if God had the same thing in mind when he created animals. He gave us many creatures; all different.

Finally, I experimented more with color in this painting. There are 15 colors in the piece (not including 5 extra star colors). I was pleased with the result in the addition of complimentary colors to the yellow and the blue "monoliths" in the painting. When violet was added to the yellow it quite accurately created a shadow (of yellow) as did the addition of orange to the blue shadowed structure in the background.