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Alone Together II

Once again (see Alone Together), I was thinking about the theme of loneliness in my painting "Alone Together II." Almost in the literal sense, there appears to be a void in this scene. There is the noticeable absence of stars in the very center, conveying a feeling of emptiness, and loss. The thin crescent appears to nearly vanish onto itself as it descends into the valley behind the spire. As if "attached" to the also thin spire, it appears to complete a somehow incomplete scene. There is balance yet lack of substance. There is contrast, yet similarity in "weight" to the two land masses -- one close, the other far. "Alone Together II", although the second in a series with a similar theme, is really the first painting where I experimented with choosing two colors in a gradational series in the same land mass. I do not believe I have ever "split" color into two "gradational sequences" within the same structure. This particular design fascinated me as it seemed to lend itself to such a split. The reasoning for my using two colors (spectrum violet & red-violet [with a hint of Windsor green], was because I was interested in how the spire might look in a "pink" evening light on the moon-lit side while also having a shaded side on the other. I often like using violet in my paintings as it is a cool color yet not a cold color (like blue). It is spiritual to me. I like this painting very much as the new color sequences seem to "work" well. There is a union of objects, and a balance as well. And neither object appears "alone."