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A Delicate Balance

The planet Saturn is a facinating one. Several years ago, a photograph was taken way out in space. My painting is an "impossible" revision of this particular deep-space photograph. Out there, where no human being could possibly survive without a space suit, oxygen, and heat -- a camera's shutter clicked as a result of one person's remote keyboard-command. How amazing it would be to "be there" to witness not only the "snapping" of the shutter but to also be able to see what the camera's eye was seeing as it moved so swiftly -- hundreds of miles per second -- toward the ringed planet. If satellites could speak, possibly this one would be speachless. It would watch the magnificent ring system in all its beauty float in silence over the colorful gas clouds far below. Gravity [from the ringed planet] would be the only natural driving force for this homeless space traveler. Then, quite suddenly, the silence would be broken. A camera would become active -- responding miraculously to the remote signal given. One person far far away -- maybe in Texas on a Wednesday afternoon at 3:07 pm would hit one key to enable the program to begin. There would be a delay. It would certainly not be instantaneous. And so, several hours would pass. Eventually, not long after the transmission was received, we would see a return photo -- just as we see here. I tell this story of deep space communications because it is so hard to imagine something so far away responding to our wishes and in such a beautiful way -- connecting us still further to the beauty of our home in the galaxy.

I have given this 1983 painting a title which specifically deals with the ring system. When I was younger, I could not understand how all the tiny material that made up the rings could be so beautifully arranged for such a long time. How big was each piece of material? How far apart was one piece from another? And what color were the pieces? Were they boulders the size of houses or buildings, or were they as fine as sand? And were they very cold? My painting includes spheres which represent these unanswered questions. They are simply "there" for us to wonder about. They are physcally separate yet part of "The Delicate Balance."